AP® Chemistry Lab Experience

A science course that does not include hands-on labs cannot use the AP® designation on a student's high school transcript. We have developed a lab program with specially tailored "live" labs that meet the College Board requirements for an AP® Chemistry course. Our custom-designed lab experiments will allow students to perform quantitative and qualitative AP-level labs safely at home.

To perform the labs, the following equipment will be required (approximate cost $200 - $225).

1. Quality Science Labs MicroChem Kit Standard Edition (Item#: KTMCH01 - $149.95)

Note: For siblings who are taking the class, it is not necessary to purchase two kits. There are enough chemicals in the QSL lab kit that siblings can do the labs individually or work as a team. However, each student must have their own notebook for recording lab data. Each student must wear safety glasses.

Note: If you are an international student, please contact Quality Science Labs to find out if they ship to your location. If you are unable to order the QSL lab kit, here is an itemization of the chemicals and equipment in the kit.

2. A digital scale capable of weighing up to 200 g with 0.01 g accuracy.

3. A digital thermometer with a metal probe with 0.1°C accuracy.

4. A voltmeter that can measure direct current voltages with 0.1 V accuracy.

5. A 50-mL volumetric flask.

6. Siblings Only: The QSL lab kit has one pair of safety goggles. If you are working together as a team on the labs, you will need a second pair of goggles. My personal favorite is the Uvex Stealth OTG Safety Goggles with Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch Coating (S3970DF)-19369, Navy Body, Clear Lens. Colleges require students to purchase their own goggles, and these will make you the envy of your college lab class.

Each experiment has complete instructions with sample data and calculations. Students keep a lab notebook and use tools such as graphing programs and spreadsheets to analyze data. You can view a sample lab by opening this pdf file. There is also a corresponding assessment tool where students enter their data online to evaluate their results. The example below shows student data from an experiment that was instantly checked using WebAssign.