Learn By Doing

Chapter Outlines
The College Board requires the use of a college textbook in AP® Chemistry. Our textbook, Chemistry, by Raymond Chang, is a College Board approved textbook. However, no college textbook has been written that matches the AP Chemistry curriculum.

Mr. Moskaluk has written Chapter Outlines tailored to the AP® Chemistry curriculum which will allow you to correctly use the textbook. The chapter outlines will guide your reading in the textbook and focus on the important AP® Chemistry topics while skipping sections that are not part of the AP® curriculum. Also, the outlines explain topics that are on the AP® Exam, but not covered in college textbooks. By the end of the year, you will have a binder that is a complete and perfect guide for your AP® Chemistry Exam review.

Video Lectures and Demonstrations
You will watch video lectures and demonstrations that are short, focused, and well delivered to provide examples and explanations of important chemistry topics to reinforce what you have learned. Although Mr. Moskaluk does some of his own lectures, others are from top schools including this one by a professor at MIT on Lewis Dot Diagrams. Others are done by a great chemistry lecturer with a quirky sense of humor that keeps students engaged. The demonstrations which are performed by chemists at schools such as MIT, the University of Sheffield, and the Royal Society of Chemistry provide interesting and informative examples of chemical reactions. The video lectures and demonstrations are curated and annotated by Mr. Moskaluk to point out their relevance to AP® Chemistry. All of our videos are presented on safe platforms without ads or distracting links.

WebAssign is a great learning tool. Mr. Moskaluk has designed the homework to lead you through the AP® chemistry topics. As you answer the WebAssign questions, you will get immediate feedback on whether or not your answer is correct. Many questions have hints and extra explanations to further ensure that you understand every topic before you go on to the next one.

Practice Exams
The AP® Chemistry exam has very strict protocols and learning how to take the test is as important as knowing the material. Mr. Moskaluk has carefully designed practice exams for every topic in AP® Chemistry. After every exam, there is a thorough follow-up that will improve your knowledge, fill in any gaps, and sharpen your test taking skills. In addition to the practice exams that Mr. Moskaluk has written, you will have the opportunity to take full AP® exams that have been released by the College Board for exclusive use by teachers whose courses have passed the College Board audit.