Technical Requirements and School Supplies

Cengage/WebAssign Access ($10.50 plus state tax if applicable)
We use Cengage's WebAssign, an instructional program used by top tier colleges around the world. The fee for WebAssign access to my course is $10.50 (plus state tax if applicable) payable by credit card or PayPal directly to Cengage. Students will be given instructions for setting up their Cengage WebAssign account the first week of class.

Technical/Software Requirements
In addition to a computer, internet access, and an email account, you will need the following:

  • TI-80 Series Graphing Calculator or TI-30 Series Scientific Calculator

  • Scanner or smart phone for submitting tests for hand-grading
  • School Supplies
    Each topic covered in AP® Chemistry will have chapter outlines and other handouts that you will need to organize in two binders. In addition to the binders, you will need two notebooks - one for recording your lab data and a second one for taking notes as you do your chemistry assignments. Note: We sometimes provide links to suppliers such as Amazon to help you identify an item, but you might want to go to a local office supply store to avoid shipping costs.

  • Course Binders - Two 3" 3-ringed binders and 20 tabs

  • Lab Instructions Binder - One 1 ˝" 3-ringed binder for filing lab instructions

  • Lab Notebook - One 100-Sheet composition notebook with sewn binding.

  • One spiral notebook for notetaking