Technical Requirements and Supplies

WebAssign Account ($10.50 plus state tax if applicable)
We use WebAssign, an instructional program used by top tier colleges around the world. The student registration fee for WebAssign is $10.50 (plus state tax if applicable) payable by credit card or PayPal directly to WebAssign. Students will be given instructions for setting up their WebAssign account the first week of class.

Note: The WebAssign registration fee is presently $10.50, but is subject to change. We'll know by August if CengageBrain is planning an increase for next year.

Technical/Software Requirements
- Computer
- Internet Access
- Email Account
- Scanner
- Scientific or Graphing Calculator
- PDF Capability (Foxit Create is a good one and is free)

School Supplies Each topic covered in AP® Chemistry will have chapter outlines and other handouts that you will need to organize in two binders. In addition to the binders, you will need a hard-copy notebook for recording your lab data. Although it's not required, we recommend that you also purchase an inexpensive student daily planner for organizing and managing your study time.

- One 3" 3-ringed binder and twenty tabs for filing chemistry handouts
- One 1 ½" 3-ringed binder for filing lab instructions
- Composition notebook for recording lab data (bound with at least 100 pages)
- Index cards (100)
- Student Planner for scheduling a study routine of 60-90 minutes daily for chemistry