Student Feedback

"Overall this was one of the best classes I've ever taken, online or in person."
"AP Chemistry taught by Mr. Moskaluk was by far, the best class I have ever taken. Mr. Moskaluk did an unbelievably fantastic job at both teaching the material and providing helpful and useful support. He is kind and considerate, and genuinely has the students' best interests at heart. I still am in awe of how good of a teacher he is."

"You are considering one of the best AP Chem Exam prep courses in the country!  In this course, The Dedicated Mr. Moskaluk, his awesome TA's, and yes, even your own fellow colleagues (who were significant contributors to me enjoying this course) will work with you to help you master the major (and many minor) concepts of chemistry!"


"This class prepared me so well for the AP Chemistry exam!!  Not only did Mr. Moskaluk teach the chemistry, he also taught us strategies and gave us hours of practice with the specific format of the AP exam."


"For those who strive for a 5 on the AP exam, and are willing to put in the hard work necessary to do well in the class, Mr. Moskaluk's AP Chemistry is an outstanding course!"


"If you're looking for a class that will not only prepare you for the AP chem exam, but also give you a thorough understanding of the concepts of chemistry, look no further!"


"Because of the regular schedule and Mr. Moskaluk's willingness to be flexible with your assignments and labs, this course allowed me the flexibility I needed to work with my extremely hectic schedule."


"I would highly recommend anybody looking to score a 5 on the AP Exam to take this course!"


"This course prepared me exceptionally well for the AP exam. Any student committed to completing the assignments thoroughly and in a timely manner can do very well, both in the class and on the AP exam."