Technical Requirements and School Supplies

Technical Requirements

  • Computer
  • Internet Access
  • Email Account
  • Scanner
  • PDF Capability
  • Scientific or Graphic Calculator

School Supplies

Each topic covered in AP® Chemistry will have chapter outlines and other handouts that you will need to organize in two binders. In addition to the binders, you will need a hard-copy composition notebook for recording your lab data. Although it's not required, we recommend that you also purchase an inexpensive student daily planner for organizing and managing your study time.

  • One 3" 3-ringed binder and twenty tabs for filing chemistry handouts
  • One 1 ½" 3-ringed binder for filing lab instructions
  • Composition notebook for recording lab data (bound with at least 100 pages).
  • Index cards (100)
  • Student Planner for scheduling a study routine of 60-90 minutes daily for chemistry