The Course

Our AP® Chemistry course has been audited and approved by the College Board and strictly adheres to the most recent College Board curriculum requirements. Authorized courses appear on the College Board AP® Course Ledger which is used by admissions officers from higher education institutions and officials at state departments of education to verify student course transcripts. Approved providers of AP® courses also receive a renewal letter each year authorizing them to affix the AP® designation on student transcripts. 


Although our course prepares students to sit for the AP® Chemistry Exam, it is not just an exam prep course. It is the equivalent of a first-year college chemistry course in both its content and laboratory component, thus providing students a strong foundation to support future advanced course work in chemistry. According to the College Board, AP® Chemistry is critical in preparing students to be successful in 48 college majors and 84 careers.


AP® Chemistry Exam

Mr. Moskaluk continuously updates the course to be in sync with the ever evolving AP® Chemistry curriculum so that students can efficiently learn what is needed to excel on the AP® Chemistry exam.The course provides great resources including chapter outlines, video lectures, lab demonstrations, multiple choice tests, free response tests, study guides and exam review materials. Mr. Moskaluk has written thousands of custom, interactive questions that guide and assess student learning. There is an intensive review period at the end of the year which consists of past AP® practice exams that are only available to teachers of College Board approved AP® courses. Each year, the College Board reports how our AP® Chemistry students score on the exam as compared to the national averages for the exam.


SAT Subject Chemistry Exam

In addition to the AP Chemistry Exam, some students opt to also take the SAT Subject Chemistry Exam. If you are interested in studying science or engineering in college, taking the Chemistry Subject Test will showcase your strengths in chemistry. For these students, we provide resources including SAT Chemistry topics not covered by the AP® curriculum and practice exams tailored for the unique format of this test. Our students regularly report that they received high scores on the SAT Subject Chemistry Test.