About Us

We are not a big company but rather a husband and wife team who are dedicated to delivering the best AP® Chemistry instruction available to homeschoolers as well as other independent learners whose international, public, or private schools do not offer AP® Chemistry. All we teach is AP® Chemistry.

In contrast to other online providers, you will know who your teacher is and that's me, Peter Moskaluk. No substitutions! As the teacher, my extensive background in teaching chemistry as well as my personalized approach and strict adherence to the most recent College Board requirements for AP® Chemistry allow me to deliver an exceptional, comprehensive college-level course. You can learn more about me by clicking on my "Teacher" link.

Mary Ann handles all of the many administrative tasks required to keep the course running smoothly. She truly enjoys being at the beck and call
of our students and parents and prides herself on responding quickly to a broad range of questions. This allows me to focus 100% of my time on teaching the class and staying on top of the AP® Chemistry curriculum.