AP® Chemistry Exam

Mr. Moskaluk continuously updates the course to be in sync with the ever evolving AP® Chemistry curriculum so that students can efficiently learn what is needed to excel on the AP® Chemistry exam.The course provides great resources including chapter outlines, video lectures, lab demonstrations, multiple choice tests, free response tests, study guides and exam review materials. Mr. Moskaluk has written thousands of custom, interactive questions that guide and assess student learning. There is an intensive review period at the end of the year which consists of past AP® practice exams that are only available to teachers of College Board approved AP® courses. Each year, the College Board produces a score distribution report that shows us how our AP® Chemistry students scored on the exam as compared to the international averages for the exam. The following graphs show the AP® Chemistry score distribution for the 2018-2019 school year.

SAT Chemistry Subject Test (optional material)
In addition to the AP® Chemistry Exam, some students opt to take the SAT Chemistry Subject Test. If you are interested in studying science or engineering in college, taking the SAT Chemistry Subject Test will showcase your strengths in chemistry. Although there is overlap in the topics covered, the SAT covers some topics that are not part of the AP® Chemistry curriculum. For students who are interested in sitting for the SAT, we provide additional materials geared to the unique format of the SAT Chemistry Subject Test. Most of our students report high scores between 780-800.