AP® Chemistry Lab Experience

A science course that does not include hands-on labs cannot use the AP® designation on a student's high school transcript. We have developed a lab program with specially tailored "live" labs that meet the College Board requirements for an AP® Chemistry course.

We use a lab kit produced by Quality Science Labs which will be supplemented with extra equipment to meet the College Board's expectations for an AP-level course. The labs will utilize a digital balance, digital thermometer, volumetric flask, graduate cylinder, assorted labware, and chemicals that allow students to safely perform quantitative and qualitative AP® Chemistry labs safely at home. In addition, some of the labs will use common household products such as table salt, baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, and hydrogen peroxide. The cost of the lab kit and supplementary equipment will be approximately $230. We will provlde the purchase list and instructions the first week of August.

Each experiment has complete instructions with sample data and calculations. Students keep a lab notebook and use tools such as graphing programs and spreadsheets to analyze data. You can view a sample lab by opening this pdf file. There is also a corresponding assessment tool where students enter their data online to evaluate their results. The example below shows student data from an experiment that was instantly checked using WebAssign.