Quality Science Labs Advanced Micro-Chem Lab Kit

A science course that does not include hands-on labs cannot use the AP® designation on a student's high school transcript. We have developed a lab program with specially tailored "live" labs that have been approved by the College Board.


Our AP® Chemistry course is coordinated with a lab kit custom designed for us by Quality Science Labs. The kit is a complete chemistry lab in a box. With its digital balance, digital thermometer, multi-meter, volumetric flask, graduate cylinder, assorted labware, and chemicals, students can safely perform quantitative and qualitative AP® Chemistry labs safely at home. (The lab kit should be ordered directly from the supplier 4 - 6 weeks before the start of class. Note that the price of the kit is subject to change.)

Each experiment has complete instructions with sample data and calculations. Students keep a lab notebook and use tools such as graphing programs and spreadsheets to analyze data. You can view a sample lab by opening this pdf file. There is also a corresponding assessment tool where students enter their data online to evaluate their results. The example below shows student data from an experiment that was instantly checked using WebAssign.