Tuition Payment Instructions

Early Bird Special $870; Effective July 1, 2019: $895

Before paying the course tuition, you should have already filled out our online application form and been accepted as a student in our class. If you haven't yet applied, click on our Apply Now link. We will review your application and get back to you within 7 business days.

Once your application is accepted, please follow the instructions below for paying the tuition.

If you are homeschooled or enrolled in an "umbrella" or "cover" school that oversees your homeschooling education, you must pay the tuition via the AP Homeschoolers Online Store. We will then receive a notification from AP Homeschoolers that you have registered and paid for our AP Chemistry course.

If you are a student in a “brick and mortar” public, private, or international school, click here for tuition payment instructions.